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YALLAH iSRAEL 'o4's Journal

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27th December 2004


5th December 2004

shaynanigans8:35pm: only two?
there are only two people in this community?

i kind of just revived my livejournal and i searched groups for yallahisrael to see if there were any, so here i am!

Current Mood: anxious

27th July 2004

__slowlyfading10:51am: HEY EVERYONE!!
So i started this community for us YALLAH iSRAEL 'o4 people on LJ..
I figured we could all keep in touch through this, and post pics from the trip and lists of inside jokes and reunion dates and all that fun stuff :)
anyways, hope you guys join!!
xoxo;; Rachel K.
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